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Our Mission
Daily Yoga Inc. is focused on providing intuitive and comprehensive yoga training software for everyone. Available now as top free mobile Healthcare & Fitness app, our products help millions of people to get and stay healthy by exercising yoga workouts on-the-go.

Our Vision
Mobile health is changing the healthcare landscape. Today's mobile capabilities empower consumers to take charge of their own healthcare. M-health initiatives that foster more efficient business models and bring about better and more-informed decisions will be embraced by all audiences. With the proliferation of mobile devices, people now have access to health and fitness in a whole new way.

Our Philosophy
Yoga is no longer simply a singular pursuit but a lifestyle choice and an established part of our health and cultural landscape. People come to yoga and stick with it because they want to live healthier lives. 'Yoga as medicine' represents the next great yoga wave, we will be seeing a lot more yoga in health care settings and more yoga recommended by the medical community as new research shows that yoga is a valuable therapeutic tool for many health conditions.